MasTec Canada’s commitment to health & safety

Our first priority is the protection of our most valuable asset – our people. Our safety program is designed to protect our employees and contractors, the general public and the environment.

We have strong management that is held accountable for establishing and maintaining a safe work environment through proper procedures, adequate training and following all applicable legislation and regulations in the jurisdictions we operate.

  • Site specific divisional safety officers complete two safety inspections every day.
  • MasTec Canada projects are given a thorough field safety review every week. 
  • On-going education, training and strategic planning.
  • We continue to educate, train and develop the workers in the reduction of workplace hazards and incidents. Including:

• Active employee engagement
• Ongoing training and education
• Dedicated safety leadership, and
• An effective Safety Management System (SMS)
• Drug & Alcohol zero tolerance policy.