Commitment to Quality

MasTec Canada’s Commitment to Quality Control and Quality Assurance

At MasTec Canada Quality is Everyone’s Responsibility

MasTec Canada values implementing and instilling a strong Quality Culture within our company and its employees. MasTec Canada’s Quality team continually strive to be leaders and innovators within industry by adopting new and innovative best practices and process. Our approach and commitment is driven by an industry need to streamline construction schedules, improve efficiency and traceability through document retention, and reduce rework within the markets we serve.

MasTec Canada serves markets with multiple codes of construction, that have helped form the foundation of our quality program. MasTec Canada is certified and licensed to serve our markets in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Our quality team is trained and certified to inspect on multiple codes of construction, including but not limited to;

CSA Z662 / Z245.30

B31.3 / B31.1

W59 / W47.1

 At MasTec Canada we believe in continuous improvement strategies and sharing our lessons learned with both internal and external stakeholders. Through continuous learning and improvement, the MasTec Canada quality team has proven its success within industry, and will continue to do so for years to come.