MasTec Canada – A small company with Big Potential.

2013: MasTec Inc. a publically traded, multinational infrastructure; engineering and construction company based in Florida, purchases Big Country Energy Services. Big Country Energy Services was established in 2000 and focused on pipeline and facility construction in the Western Sedimentary Basin.

2014: Big Country Midstream Projects, opened in Ponoka, Alberta to focus on mainline pipeline construction ranging from 12” to 36”.

2014: MasTec Inc. acquires Pacer Corporation (est. 1996), one of Canada’s elite industrial construction companies with a number of fully integrated construction divisions such as heavy civil construction, earthworks and concrete; stick built and pre-engineered and modular construction. MasTec Inc. also acquires Pacer Foundations (now MasTec Canada Construction) which provides piling and foundation systems to the energy and industrial sectors.

2015: Fabcor Inc., based in Grande Prairie joins the Big Country group of companies.

2016: Trevor Mitzel is appointed President of MasTec Canada Inc. Trevor is a CA, CFA and previously held the position of CFO and President of Big Country Energy Services and the President of Pacer Construction.

January 1, 2017: In order to better serve our clients and to simplify our structure, we are pleased to announce effective January 1, 2017, the Canadian entities of Big Country Energy Services Inc., Big Country Midstream Projects Inc., Patch Point Energy Services Ltd., Fabcor Inc. and Pacer Construction Inc. are now known as MasTec Canada Inc. This change offers our clients a broader scope of services under a single banner.

All entities coming together to form MasTec Canada have been owned and managed by MasTec Inc., a US based diversified infrastructure construction company listed on the NYSE, for several years. With this new structure comes a common Canadian management team that has been working together for the past 12 years.

Each company in the group brings with it specific expertise and geographic reach:

Big Country Energy Services Inc. provides pipeline and facility construction services across the four western provinces from eight local field offices, offering local content and expertise in every area of the Western Basin.

Patch Point Energy Services Ltd. has been a leading provider of oilfield infrastructure construction in North Eastern British Columbia for over 20 years.

Fabcor Inc. is focused on pipeline and facilities construction in Northern Alberta; based out of Grande Prairie.

Big Country Midstream Projects Inc. focuses on large diameter pipelining ranging from 12" - 36".

Pacer Construction Inc. provides construction services for the energy and industrial segments, focusing on heavy civil and industrial/commercial buildings.

Pacer Foundations Inc. will undergo a name change effective January 1, 2017 to MasTec Canada Construction Inc. MasTec Canada Construction Inc. will continue to provide piling, foundation systems and civil works to the energy and industrial construction industry.