MasTec Canada Issue Reporting Hotline

Toll Free Hotline Number

MasTec Canada is committed to providing our employees with a workplace where they feel empowered to report and discuss any and all concerns. The focus of the Issue Reporting Hotline is to create an open and honest tool for dealing with concerns from Employees and the General Public.

The Issue Reporting Hotline can be used to report:
·      Safety Issues or Concerns
·      Human Resource and Personnel Issues
·      Potential Misconduct
·      All Other Organizational Concerns

Remember:  Employees, your first option is always to seek out the assistance of your Site and Division Management team. Your Site and Division Management team have the access, tools and resources to work towards resolving your concerns quickly, effectively, with your input and assistance!

The MasTec Canada Issue Reporting Hotline is a confidential hotline available to all MasTec Canada employees as well as the General Public.