Trevor Mitzel CPA CFA, President
Mr. Mitzel has served as President of MasTec Canada since it’s inception. Previously, Mr. Mitzel held the position of President of Pacer Corporation following their acquisition by MasTec Inc in 2014. In addition, Mr. Mitzel held the role of CFO of Big Country Energy Services from 2005 through to the Amalgamation and renaming of the companies into MasTec Canada. Mr. Mitzel has over twenty years of experience running public and private businesses; as well as regulatory experience in the public markets in Canada.  Mr. Mitzel articled at KPMG in Calgary, Alberta.

Sherry MacDonald CPA, Chief Financial Officer
Mrs. MacDonald has held a Senior Financial Leadership role within the company for over ten years, currently serving as Chief Financial Officer. Previously employed by Big Country Energy Services, Mrs. MacDonald was integral to the team responsible for the transition of ownership to MasTec Inc. Earlier in her career, Mrs. MacDonald articled at PwC.

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Ryan Resch, Vice President of Operations
Mr. Resch has twenty years of experience in the Oil and Gas Industry service sector in Western Canada.  After joining Big Country Energy Services at the field level in 2003, Mr. Resch quickly asserted himself as a valuable asset.  Since 2006 Mr. Resch has served in various management roles to ultimately oversee our central and northern Alberta operations, as well as building out the Midstream pipeline construction division. In December of 2017 Mr. Resch has accepted the position of Vice President Operations for MasTec Canada Inc.

Colin Christie, Vice President of Contracts & Special Projects
Mr. Christie has served in a Senior Financial Management position for eighteen years. Mr. Christie joined Pacer Corporation in October of 2015 and was elevated to his current role as Vice President Contracts & Major Projects upon the amalgamation and restructuring of the company into MasTec Canada. Mr. Christie articled at Collins Barrow.

Dan Forigo, Vice President of Construction
Mr. Forigo has leveraged an extensive background in finance, business development and operations to achieve continued success in leadership roles within the energy and construction industries. Experience in international financial markets and roles with construction industry leaders where he made significant contributions to acquisition and growth efforts, aboriginal relations development, and operational effectiveness, along with a Degree in Economics from the Haskayne School of Business, inform his approach. In his role with MasTec Canada Mr. Forigo combines his proven understanding of the industry landscape and his business instincts and experience to develop and deploy MasTec Canada’s multidisciplinary, integrated approach to construction. Mr. Forigo serves on the Executive Committee of the Flames Foundation as Treasurer.

Brad Gooding, Vice President of Finance
Mr. Gooding has held a senior financial leadership role with the company since 2011, currently serving as Vice President of Finance. Earlier in his career, Mr. Gooding worked in forensic accounting.


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